We offer a variety of assessments to help determine and meet your psychological needs:

College Preparation Work

Are you struggling to develop your goals for higher education? Are you concerned about your child’s collegiate goals or needs? You can set yourself (or your son or daughter) up for success and actually enjoy fulfillment in your collegiate career with some preparation. Assessments designed to determine interest and aptitude can get you started and combining those with focused clinical work will help you figure out what you are looking to gain from your college experience—and what steps you need to take to acquire those gains. Identify majors that fit your goals, discover your academic strengths and weaknesses and find out how to take all of these factors into account as you transition to college life. At some Colorado universities, the drop-out rate has reached 40% and nobody going into college thinks they will be included in that statistic. With some forethought and assistance, you can make sure to be part of the group that graduates. Give yourself, or your child, a head-start and the confidence needed to achieve success.

Learning, Cognitive, and Personality Assessments

These three types of assessments are for adults who are seeking help identifying their life goals, motivations and the reasons behind the hurdles they face. In any of these chosen assessment types, we will look at your strengths and weaknesses, determine if you have any learning disabilities, explore your career needs and goals, and identify your personal struggles. Gathering this type of data can be a very useful tool in building your life in a way that meets your needs and overcomes the roadblocks between you and your goals.

Business Success

Be certain that you’re hiring the right person! Hiring a new employee means making a significant time and money investment in your business so you want to be sure that you are getting someone who will be a productive, dependable member of your organization. We offer a customized assessment designed to identify which of your candidates is the strongest match for your team. This also comes with a personalized document explaining why they are the best match. Our assessment is empirically validated and can be combined with a personalized interview package to make sure that your business’ unique needs are being met. Contact us to find the best person to fill that empty position.


Dr. Friedman TeBockhorst holds a Master’s Degree in clinical forensic psychology extensive experience in trauma psychology. While we do not conduct child custody evaluations, we do offer services and assessments, as psychology consultation on legal matters.

All of our assessments are interpreted and associated reports written by psychologists, who hold a doctoral degree with specialized training in testing and assessment.

Coronavirus Alert

If you have any symptoms of illness, have had contact with someone who was ill, or may otherwise have been exposed to the coronavirus, please do not come into the office to avoid spreading any infection. If you are ill or otherwise unable to come to the office, we will happily meet with you via tele-health at your appointment time, or we can assist you with rescheduling. Please call the office for assistance at (720) 387-8458 or by email at