Battling PTSD with Cognitive Processing Therapy in Boulder, CO

Post traumatic stress disorder can be a powerful adversary. Being trapped in old memories and fear-filled events induces feelings of helplessness, constant danger, and lack of control. Feeling stuck in this world produces symptoms that may be hard, if not impossible, to overcome alone. Caring therapy in Boulder, CO is the best way to learn to heal the memories that haunt your past.

One of the methods that we use is called Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). Using several techniques to help you not only overcome your traumatic event but understand it, you will find your symptoms melting away as you feel stronger, more capable, and happier. If you have experienced a traumatic event and notice the following symptoms, then it’s time to seek out therapeutic methods:

  • Reliving the event, whether through nightmares or flashbacks.
  • Avoidance of people or places that may induce a memory of the event.
  • Changing beliefs and feelings in a negative way (in relation to people, activities, or yourself).
  • Hyperarousal

With CPT, we use a four-step process to ensure a well-rounded healing:

  1. Education. Learn about PTSD, its symptoms, and their presence in your life as well as how CPT is going to combat these negative feelings.
  2. Awareness. By focusing on your thoughts and feelings as traumatic memories occur, you can better analyze how you are reacting to the memories, and how they are affecting your life.
  3. Acquiring skills. Once you are aware of how you react to the memory, you can begin to decide how you would rather react, defending reason and fighting the negative symptoms.
  4. Understanding changes. Knowing why you react to situations, whether through insecurity or trust issues, or anything in between, you can begin to heal how you see the world.

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