Combat Your Anxiety In 2018

Anxiety is something that millions of Americans struggle with everyday. If you’re one of those Americans, then you know how terrible it is to have this possibly debilitating disorder. Whether you have anxiety due to panicky spiraling or you have social anxiety, our counseling services can help you tackle the issues you may be dealing with. At the Metis Center For Psychological Services, we have created a supportive and non-judgemental environment that can help you open up to an individualized approach to counseling. We know that counseling can be difficult, but by creating a personalized approach, we’re able to help you sift through the issues that might be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Resolutions To Try In The New Year

Since it’s a new year, you probably want to have some resolutions planned out either to help you deal with your anxiety or to focus more on self-care. These resolutions can offer you some assistance with your anxiety or they can help you focus more on taking care of yourself. If you’re not one for resolutions, then make a goal to try at least one of these out in the year 2018. If you’re interested in counseling, then contact our facility today.

Talk About Your Anxiety

A lot of people don’t like talking about their anxiety because they think there’s something wrong with them and talking about it just proves it. There’s nothing wrong with talking about anxiety. As a matter of fact, you’ll find that when you mention it, more people will be receptive to it. You don’t need to talk about it all of the time or discuss your therapy sessions, but you can mention it and be honest about your disorder instead of pretending everything is okay. By talking about it, you’ll find you’re more comfortable addressing anxiety and the people around you will be supportive.

Focus On What You Need

The year 2018 should be the year of understanding what you need to feel better and be the best version of yourself as you can be. Do you want to exercise more to get in better shape? Do you want to eat better because you feel groggy all of the time? By focusing on what you need and what can make you happy, you’ll find that you have an outlet for those moments that you begin to spiral from panic and anxiety. Rather than thinking about everyone else, focus on what makes you feel good because, in your life, you’re the most important person.

Try To Exercise

Exercise is a great way to blow off anxiety and stress. Exercise can mean anything from taking a dip in a pool to doing yoga. Exercise for even 15 minutes will allow you to learn how to deal with the anxiety in your life that you might be feeling. Just take a few minutes out of your day to exercise. That can mean a quick walk around the building you work in or a bike ride to work. Find something that you want to do and that will make you happy. You’ll find that your anxiety lessens and that you’re happier because you have time for yourself.

If these resolutions aren’t what you want to try, then you can also attempt one thing that terrifies you this year, getting out of your comfort zone more, and complimenting yourself more often. These will help you focus on those anxious feelings that don’t seem to go away. For more information on counseling, take the time to reach out to us.

Coronavirus Alert

If you have any symptoms of illness, have had contact with someone who was ill, or may otherwise have been exposed to the coronavirus, please do not come into the office to avoid spreading any infection. If you are ill or otherwise unable to come to the office, we will happily meet with you via tele-health at your appointment time, or we can assist you with rescheduling. Please call the office for assistance at (720) 387-8458 or by email at