Consider Counseling Before Finals Week In Boulder, CO

‘Tis the season for academic cranking. Whether it’s finishing up group projects or studying for finals, it’s crunch time to get everything done before the Fall 2015 semester comes to a close. Education used to be valued as a luxury but now is seen as a stress. Take the time to think about everything a new college student encounters.

Living away from home, accomplishing a high GPA so you can have the career of your dreams,  scoring passing grades on final exams, establishing and maintaining social relationships, and meeting the high costs of living throughout college by working on the side, just to name a few. Wouldn’t you be stressed if this was all dumped onto your plate at once? That’s the average list for freshman and sophomores; juniors and seniors add internships and job hunting to the plate.

Students are held to higher and higher expectations each year and are rarely equipped with the tools to succeed psychologically. Metis Center strives to help you achieve through all stressors. With the holidays rapidly approaching, we recommend Coherence Therapy so that you can attain a peace of mind and enjoy your break, while still succeeding through your responsibilities.

Coherence Therapy is not a method of counseling that is meant to diagnose conditions. Rather, it is a method that is known to be psychologically relieving. Our bodies tend to transform without our knowing; we’ve seen this to be true with coping methods. What used to work as a stress reliever may not work anymore. Coherence Therapy uses our traditional coping methods and introduces new ones in order to combat these common stressors: anxiety and depression, difficult or unsuccessful life transitions, feelings of underachievement, chronic loneliness, agoraphobia, and more.

Being able to cope and handle life’s stressors is an important skill in order to maintain great mental health. Dr. Friedman TeBockhorst offers a free consultation to speak with you about Coherence Therapy in Boulder, CO. Please call 720-403-2012 and ask for her, or click here to book an online appointment.

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