Don’t Let Trauma Become Overwhelming, There’s Help Available

Most of us experience trauma at some point in our lives and they can be a devastating thing to work through, especially alone. Traumas experienced can be mild, moderate or severe. Even if a trauma is considered mild by some, it may be experienced as moderate to others. When we can walk away from a traumatic situation and move on with our lives relatively in the same way as we did prior to the event, we don’t tend to carry the trauma with us. For many reasons, some traumas, are difficult to let go of and can create a barrier to us living life fully.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is the persistence of that trauma in one’s life. PTSD can present with symptoms like flashbacks or reliving the trauma over and over; bad dreams; scary thoughts; strong feelings of guilt, depression or worry; loss of interest in activities that were enjoyable; emotionally numb; difficulty sleeping or feeling tense or on-edge; and other related symptoms that may cause difficulty in doing regular daily tasks.

Getting diagnosed is just the beginning of treatment. There are a range of therapeutic techniques available to help those with PTSD deal with the symptoms and be able to progress past the recurring trauma. You can find the best coping strategies for your life with the help of a trained therapist. Therapy can help you find solutions.  Start on the road to recovery and contact our office in Boulder, CO for more information at (720) 403-2012 or book your appointment online. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Coronavirus Alert

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