How To Deal After College Part One

Graduating college is a bittersweet time. You are finally opening your eyes to the real world. While in college, you were slowly introduced to being an adult and taking care of yourself, but now as you search for that job you love, you try cooking your own meals, and you talk to your cat because you’re so lonely, you figure out that adulthood isn’t everything you thought it would be. At Metis Center, a safe place to explore therapy in Boulder, CO, we think it’s important for former students just graduating college to know how to combat post-college depression. We offer a variety of psychotherapy and very experienced therapist at our center, so check us out. We also offer different therapeutic approaches, such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

The Job

Finding a job after college is the most disheartening activity you will do thus far in life. You feel as if you should get that dream job right out the door; after all, you worked very hard throughout college. Instead of getting that coveted phone call or e-mail, you are getting rejection after rejection. You want to quit and run away from adulthood, or take the easy way out by getting a simple job. Don’t. Instead, wait for the right job to come around, and get those resumes out. Try not to be so desperate to find a job; instead, take the time to find the right one because it’s so worth it.

That Hopeless Feeling

When nothing is going your way, remember the bigger picture. Life happens; remember that when you make plans, things just happen, and you can’t control everything. Living like an adult for the first time is daunting, but remember the bigger picture. Your life is ready to be lived, so go out there and live it.


When you are at a crossroads, you usually go back to comfortable things, like exes that are exes for a reason or back to unhealthy relationships. Remember not to use a destructive relationship, or one that’s finished, to help you shield yourself from your problems. If you begin to concentrate too much on your significant other, then maybe it’s a good time to become single so you can better yourself.

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