How To Manage Anxiety

Anxiety manifests itself in a variety of different ways. From muscle tension to indigestion, anxiety is something that comes in various forms. Anxiety is characterized as, “a feeling of worry, anxiety, or fear that is strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.” There is a fine line between feeling worried about the little things in life to feeling crippled by that worry. For example, worrying about speaking in front of a group at work versus feeling anxious to socialize at work are two separate situations. Anxiety is very common and is not an uncontrollable disease that should limit your life. At the Metis Center For Psychological Services, we strive to give you the resources to work through issues and situations that might be holding your back from living. With counseling, you’ll be able to recognize what may be triggering your anxiety and how to deal with a negative environment.

Three Tips To Manage Anxiety

When you have anxiety, you might feel crippled by it, but you shouldn’t. With these tips to manage your anxiety, you can begin to live your life again. No one should feel held back because of what they may be feeling or the thoughts in their brain. Anxiety can give you irrational fears, affect other parts of your body, and constantly make you worry, but with these tips to manage your anxiety, you’ll be able to start understanding how to stay healthy without worrying constantly.

Be Present

When you’re present in the moment, you can try to turn off the collection of questions, possibilities, and scenarios, running around your brain. If you’re at work, be at work. If you’re out with your friends and start to feel uncomfortable because you don’t want to be around people, then be present in the moment. Don’t let your anxiety take you away to think about the future and the ‘what-ifs,’ ‘maybes’, and ‘If I’d just…s’ in your mind. Stay in the moment, be strong in the moment, and be brave, so you can stay calm and in the present.

Trust Yourself

As your anxiety grows, you’ve probably noticed that the voice in your head becomes a little derogatory. You begin to question your actions, your resourcefulness, and you even can begin to doubt your strength. When you begin to listen too much to your mind, take a moment to remind yourself that you can deal with it. You can trust yourself to handle anything that’s thrown your way because you are strong, resourceful, and you’ll be able to cope with the next steps. Anxiety feeds off stress and a fear that you won’t be able to handle the feature. By trusting yourself and even coming up with an affirmation when you begin to feel controlled by your anxiety, you’ll be grounded.

Focus On Breathing

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but breathing really does work to ward off any anxiety you may be feeling. There are many different breathing patterns you can try to help you. You can slowly count down to 10 by breathing, you can take deep breaths, or you can take breaths where you hold it in for three, four, and eight counts. By inhaling and exhaling, you can put the situation in perspective and focus on the moment instead of the future.

We offer EMDR, Coherence Therapy, CBT therapy, Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy, as well as other therapeutic approaches we’re able to take. Reach out to us for any counseling you may seek.

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