How To Deal After College Part Two

In a previous blog, we addressed life post-college and how to overcome post-college depression. At Metis Center, we want to carry on with part two of How To Deal After College to remind you that life goes on no matter how much you wish you could be 20 years old again. At the Metis Center, located in Boulder, CO, we concentrate on helping young adults and adults during difficult times with therapy. Psychotherapy is important during transitional phases, so check out our variety of different options, such as cognitive behavioral therapy. Continue reading about post college life, or if you’re just joining us read our first blog.


This goes hand in hand with a majority of life, but remember to never compare yourself to someone else. Instead of being jealous of that friend who just got engaged to the person of their dreams, congratulate them. Instead of being jealous of that perfect person who runs in your social circle, become their friend and realize how cool they are. It’s easy to compare yourself to others and become jealous, but rise above it, and realize that everyone has to overcome some sort of hardship.


There is no excuse for not being healthy at this point with the variety of health food stores and gym memberships accessible to you. Get healthy by exercising; you’ll feel better and look better. The more you exercise, the happier you’ll become because of all the endorphins; on top of that, you’ll look really good! Learn to cook healthy meals, too, and become immersed in a healthy lifestyle to not only prolong your life, but feel better emotionally and physically.

Stages Of Life

These times too shall pass. Disappointment is prominent when things aren’t going your way, but one day you’ll look back on how unhappy you were in your early 20s and you’ll realize that life isn’t so bad. Darkness passes and eventually turns to light. Remember, lightness always wins against darkness, even in the darkest of times there’s always light in the distance.

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