Relieving Stress in Your Adult Life

Stress tends to pile up in early adulthood, and stress gone unchecked may wear a person down! Understanding your stressors and reducing that stress can aid you in overcoming the pressures and strains in your life. Overcoming stress can lead you to a more fulfilling worry-free lifestyle. Here are a few tips to practice in the day-to-day from your local Boulder therapist!

Slow Down

If you’re mindful of your stress, be aware that you can slow down. Be aware of the moment, and be conscious of your surroundings. Break the mold, and slow down the rush. Analyze your current state, calm down, and then move forward with the day-to-day!

Mind Your Breathing & Posture

Good posture improves mood! As does full breathing! Practice good posture and breathing throughout your daily routines, and you’ll find yourself more relaxed… and less stressed.

Make Lists

If you’re overwhelmed with tasks on your plate, make lists. Even writing down the groceries you need to grab will alleviate the stress of remembering those items. When you write down your to-dos, you’ll think about them less. Also, try prioritizing your to-dos. Take on the tasks that are most important first. It feels good to cross something off too! A list can give you more satisfaction!


Sharing your day with a friend, family member, loved one, or coworker can aid you in destressing. It can also give you some time to reflect on stressful events, and discuss solutions. Social interaction is a natural destressor!

Tune In & Meditate

Practice mindfulness. Being aware of stress allows you the chance to overcome that stress. Meditation can be an excellent practice in mindfulness. Be aware, and get over the stressors that are bogging your brain down!

Laughter Is Medicine

Laugh! Find friends that make you laugh, and keep them close! Laughter is a natural destressor. Plus, it aids your happiness!

Crank It Up!

Listening to music can aid in melting away stress. Soothing music is great for stress-relief, but any music you like is likely to boost your mood! So crank up those tunes, and relieve yourself of some stress!


Working out reduces stress that’s bottled up in your muscles. Relieving tension with exercise and stretching routines will reduce bodily stress, and aid in reducing mental stress. So take a hike, and begin your own stress therapy!

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