Teen Depression: A Guide From The Counseling Experts In Boulder

Here at The Metis Center For Psychological Services, Dr. Sunda Friedman offers safe and comfortable counseling and services right here in Boulder CO for people of all ages and backgrounds. We see quite a few young people come through our doors at the Metis Center and we, as we were once also teenagers, know how hard it is to get through the teenage years. Now it’s easy for us, as those who have survived being teenagers, to see how perfectly normal it is to be sad sometimes and need to speak to someone about it. However, sometimes we feel more than just sadness and those feelings are real and they need to be addressed. Teenage depression is real.

When you feel depressed, it can feel like no one understands you. However, depression is far more common in teens than many people realize. You are not alone and your depression is not a hopeless case. While you may feel like you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel, it is there and can be found even faster through proper treatment and healthy choices.

It’s oftentimes hard to put into words what depression feels like and different people experience it in different ways. However, there are some more common issues and symptoms that may help you decide if you or someone you know closely is battling teenage depression.

Feeling irritable, sad, and angry
Nothing seems fun anymore and you just don’t see the point anymore
Feeling worthless or guilty
Too much or not enough sleep
Frequent unexplained headaches
You’re more emotional
You’re gaining or losing weight without trying to
It’s hard to concentrate

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