What To Do If Your Friend Seems Down From The Counseling Experts In Boulder CO

If you or someone you know may need counseling in Boulder, CO, we’re here to help. Here at the Metis Center, we create a comfortable environment where you should never feel ashamed for seeking counseling. We see and help all different people from all kinds of backgrounds and situations, including those who may be questioning their sexuality or spirituality. Depression is serious and real. It’s also something that most of us will experience at least once in our lives. While it may be hard to accept and talk about depression because it makes you feel “weak,” it’s absolutely necessary if you want to feel better.

Victims of depression need a steady support group of friends and loved ones to help them get through the lowest lows. If you’re a friend of someone who is suffering from depression, we have some help for you.

If your friend hasn’t specifically already told you that they’re feeling down or depressed, it’s time to acknowledge it. Tell your friend you’ve noticed that they seem down or depressed. Let them know that you want to help them and try to show them how they’re needed and appreciated. Talk to them when you’re upset or when you want to vent, tell them about things you wouldn’t trust with just anyone. Never pretend like their depression doesn’t exist or that it’s not a serious condition.

Try to find out why your friend is depressed, too. Did they just go through a break up? Are their parents getting divorced? Showing that you care will help them. Remember to ask carefully and gently.

The most important thing: listen.


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