Couples Therapy

Couples therapy aids couples in conflict.

Couples or partner therapy enables two or more people in an intimate relationship to meet in a neutral setting and explore conflict, problems, or difficulties. For some couples, this therapy is beneficial to learn more about each other and how to navigate difficult or painful discussions, even when the relationship is predominately healthy.

Couples often seek therapy due to communication problems, sexual dissatisfaction, or infidelity. Some couples use therapy to support an amicable separation if they have already decided to divorce or split. We focus on assisting couples in understanding the deeper patterns in their relationships that contribute to their distress, discomfort, and arguments. Clients are encouraged to understand both their own roles and emotions and their partner’s roles and emotions in the relationship. This allows us to work collaboratively to reshape interaction patterns and expectations in order to create a more fulfilling relationship.

This form of therapy is dynamic and will look very different for each couple. Oftentimes, communication begins as the primary focus and therapy evolves as different issues emerge. The therapist makes every effort to maintain neutrality and objectively support the couple in navigating their experiences. Setting goals with your therapist in the first few sessions is often a key component of couples therapy.

As with any psychological treatment modality, it is important that all clients in the relationship feel comfortable with the therapist to promote a safe environment to explore the distress that prompted the couple to seek services.

Feel free to contact us to schedule a couples therapy appointment. We’re your local therapists specializing in couples therapy, and we’re here to help.

Coronavirus Alert

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