Supportive, non-judgmental

Therapy and Assessment

A Personalized Approach to Psychotherapy & Counseling

and a supportive, non-judgmental space for working towards resolution of difficulties.

Coherence Therapy

Navigate the resolution of depression, anxiety, or chronic loneliness with coherence therapy treatment.

EMDR Therapy

We have fully trained Level II EMDR therapy providers.

Cognitive Processing Therapy

Get help resolving problems related to crises or traumatic events in your past through cognitive processing therapy.

Other Approaches

The Metis Center applies cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques as complementary approaches.

A Personalized Approach

Do you feel like your life is a struggle? Are you tired of wishing things were easier? Is it time to make some changes? We’d be happy to discuss your needs and goals, our therapeutic approaches and what methods would benefit you, individually. Feel free to email us or call at (720) 387-8458 to request your free initial consultation.

A Welcoming Space

We welcome people from all kinds of backgrounds and situations, including those who might be struggling with questions of sexuality and spirituality. We want our guests and clients to feel comfortable. Our office is a LGBTQA safe space. Please feel to reach out with any questions you might have. We are eager to hear from you!